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The Campaign

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Watch the video below to see how Active Voice worked with Breakthrough in various parts of India and Film Aid International in various parts of Kenya-Somalia to bring Have You Heard from Johannesburg to their community.

The Documentary Series

Have You Heard From Johannesburg is a powerful seven-part documentary series by acclaimed filmmaker Connie Field that shines light on the global citizens’ movement that took on South Africa’s apartheid regime. It reveals how everyday people helped challenge – and end – one of the greatest injustices the world has ever known.

Have You Heard follows three generations of the struggle inside South Africa and battles waged in sports arenas and cathedrals, in embassies and corporate boardrooms, at rock concerts and in gas stations around the globe. Pulling together the many threads of international anti-apartheid action for the first time in any medium, Have You Heard From Johannesburg is an inspiring example for citizens and movements around the world. (Learn more about the series here.)

The Campaign

As the world celebrates the twentieth anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s release and turns its attention to South Africa for the World Cup, the Have You Heard From Johannesburg Campaign will shine a light on the achievements of the global anti-apartheid movement and inspire audiences to think about what they can do to change the world today. Broadcasts of the series, an interactive web platform, sneak preview events, and public screenings in 2010 will bring these untold stories to communities around the globe.

The Have You Heard Campaign is making its way around the world. Read more about recent and upcoming events and let us know where we should go next.

The Campaign
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